They say our culture is black but none of it indicates darkness, it is only black because we can withstand any form of harshness. But why have we consciously unconsciously sold our birthright? Our heritage has been stolen right before our sight and we could not even put up a fight. Where are the Nigerian women in their prime? Where are the iro of our time?

We’ve exchanged it for skimpy dresses and bum shots.
Our ever royal agbada and Buba have been traded for shirts and crazy jeans.
We no longer appreciate our Atilogun and Bata coz we now hip and pop in the contemporary world causing our zazus to battle in happy feet.
We now cover our natural hair with Brazilian and Peruvian hair, no wonder there is confusion in our community.
How can a Nigerian body carry Brazilian hair?

For four working days, we wear casual dress and corporate wear and have just one day to appreciate the beauty of our native attire.
A Yoruba guy gets mocked on Monday for wearing a tie and die
It is abnormal for an Igbo to tie two wrappers on Tuesday
Dansiki must not be seen on Wednesday

You’re not hot if you don’t wear see-through nettops on Thursday
English is our official language while we put on native attire on Friday.
I shake my head as I see Yorubas purging after eating shawarma
Can chicken and chips stand the standard taste of our pounded yam and Oha soup?
We’ve thrown our powers to effect change just to go and inherit chains.
What a shame!




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