My Country Hates Me

I call myself JAYDAR

Coined out from the word GAYDAR

I am rainbow

But my country wants it green and white 

I am colored but my colors are not accepted

I was born with no shape and no lines

But my country wants me to be straight 

They call it norms

They call it the constitution 

They call it rules and by-law

They call it customs and traditions

But I hate these rules

Rules that try to define who I am 

Who my country expects me to be 

Oh my beloved country 

My beloved motherland hates me

I feel like a bird

A bird deprived of showing off its beautiful colours

A colorful bird

Caged and subjected to a life of chains and cords

A life of secrecy

A life of shame

Scared at what my country will do 

Can I ever show the beautiful colors in my blood?

Can I ever share the passion burning in my heart for the woman I love?

I want to be like an oyster 

A creature  that changes its gender without fear

Floating on a ship of choices

Not being defined or planned out

My country hates the colors in my vein

My country hates the fire in my eyes

My country hates the love in my heart

I didn’t choose to be rainbow

Rainbow choose me

They call my sexual orientation evil and nonsense

But I know 

One day this nonsense will make sense here in my country NIGERIA.


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  • Mark September 11, 2022

    Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.

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