Sad Reality of present Queer

In the garden once lush and green,
Now wilting flowers, a mournful scene,
Where once the birds sang with glee,
Now silence reigns, a tragedy.

The animals that roamed with ease,
Now wander lost, no food to seize,
The lion that ruled with pride and might,
Now starved and weak, a pitiful sight.

The crocodile that once swam the streams,
Now stranded in mud, its life a dream,
The elephant that trumpeted with grace,
Now weakly stumbles, a haunting pace.

The garden that once bloomed with life,
Now barren, full of pain and strife,
The sun beats down with scorching heat,
A symbol of the struggles and defeat.

Oh, how the garden weeps and mourns,
As it remembers happier times and norms,
Yet, it remains resilient in its sorrow,
Hoping for a better tomorrow.

(C) Gilbert Victor

In a land where love is a sin,
A gay man’s life is a constant din,
Where he must hide his true desire,
Or face judgment and hate’s cruel fire.

In this country where he lives in fear,
He yearns for acceptance, to be near,
To the one he loves with all his heart,
Yet society tears them apart.

He dreams of a world where love is free,
Where he can hold his love with glee,
But in this country, he’s an outcast,
Shunned and hated, his life aghast.

He watches as others find their joy,
While he hides his love like a toy,
His heart heavy with constant sorrow,
For a world that won’t accept tomorrow.

Oh, how he longs to be understood,
To be seen as a person, not just a hood,
To live his life without any shame,
To love and be loved, without any blame.

But in this country, his dream is a lie,
His life a constant battle, his love denied,
So he keeps his love in a hidden place,
Aching for a world where love wins the race.


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