The IRIS Project

Empowering Vulnerable Lives: Health, Support, and Dignity for All

The IRIS Project, implemented by the Center for Integrated Health Program (CIHP), aimed to improve the health and well-being of key populations in Nigeria. From 2020 to 2023, the project targeted orphans and vulnerable children, as well as TB/HIV co-infected individuals. IRIS provided comprehensive services, including HIV prevention, treatment, and care, alongside sexual and reproductive health interventions. The project also addressed social and structural barriers, such as discrimination and harmful laws, to ensure an enabling environment for these populations. IRIS reached over 10,000 beneficiaries across nine states, contributing to Nigeria’s progress towards the 90-90-90 targets.

MHSR Partnership with CIHP

The Mobile Foundation for Health Security and Rehabilitation (MHSR) partnered with the Center for Integrated Health Program (CIHP) on the IRIS Project from 2020 to 2023, specifically tailoring services for vulnerable individuals. This collaboration aimed to address the unique health and social challenges faced by this population.

MHSR and CIHP combined their expertise to provide comprehensive support, including:

  • HIV prevention and treatment services
  • Sexual and reproductive health care
  • Mental health and counseling services
  • Social support and community building
  • Advocacy and policy support to address discrimination

Through this partnership, over 500 vulnerable individuals received tailored services, leading to improved health outcomes, increased social connections, and enhanced overall well-being. The partnership also contributed to a more inclusive and supportive environment for vulnerable individuals in Nigeria, aligning with the project’s goal of promoting health security and rehabilitation for all.

Project Details