Every morning she rises

Rises to another day

Another day of rejection

Another day in the closet

She opens her eyes

Gazing into an empty space

She exhales and tells herself

Josephine, you are gonna be fine

Everything will fall in place someday

No one knows how she feels

Nobody knows how her heart bleeds

It bleeds to the burning passion

A passion she cannot express

A passion so loud in her heart 

That she can literally hear it in her head

So loud yet so silent

So divine and pure

Yet so disgusting to some people

She loves her, she adores her

But she can’t voice it out loud

Her soul is clouded with all these emotions 

Yet she can’t make it rain

Because the flood will mean the end of her

She needs freedom

She needs a voice

She needs to come out of this closet

She needs the power

Power to her, power to her gender identity 

Power to her sexuality


We need our power


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